Design and validation of control algorithms in networked dynamical systems (Projektowanie i weryfikacja algorytmów sterowania w sieciowych układach regulacji)
PROGRAM: Sonata 3
No: 2012/05/D/ST6/03030
FUNDING INST.: National Science Centre, Poland
REALIZED AT: Lodz University of Technology, Poland
DATES: Feb. 2013 – Feb. 2016
LEADER: Przemysław Ignaciuk, PhD, DSc
STATUS: completed


The project is concerned with studying phenomena occurring in networked control systems and design of new, efficient algorithms for this class of distributed information systems. The design procedures incorporate formal techniques, e.g. discrete dynamical optimization, or complexity analysis. The developed algorithms and methods are verified experimentally using the constructed test setup (involving physical objects and communication networks). The project results bring new insights regarding formulation of control and compensation schemes for time-delay and networked systems. Moreover, taking into account practical aspects related to the implementation of proposed algorithms, the conducted research allows one to extend and deepen the knowledge about networked embedded system design and programming in tight cooperation with the underlying hardware for real-time systems.



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