Optimal vs. robust algorithms of active resource management in networked systems – design and property analysis
(Optymalne a odporne algorytmy aktywnego zarządzania zasobami w układach sieciowych – projektowanie i analiza właściwości)
PROGRAM: Iuventus Plus IV
No: 0156/IP2/2015/73
FUNDING INST.: Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland
REALIZED AT: Lodz University of Technology, Poland
DATES: Feb. 2015 – Feb. 2017
LEADER: Przemysław Ignaciuk, PhD, DSc
STATUS: completed


The purpose of the project was to create realistic models of networked systems, taking into account phenomena associated with information exchange in a distributed environment, e.g., sampling, quantization, delay, jitter, packet loss, etc.
The models served as a basis for control algorithm design, which involved robust control methods, e.g., sliding-mode control, and dynamic optimization. The designed algorithms were subjected to rigorous formal and experimental analysis using the created in the project test setup. The test setup includes both the benchmark plants with sensors and actuators (e.g., inverted pendulum on a cart system) and networking modules providing the interface for various communication technologies typically applied in remote control settings.
The designed new algorithms and control schemes not only ensure a high degree of robustness to perturbations and network-induced uncertainties but also good operational efficiency in the actual implementation.

Laboratory setup


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